Smith Lab

The overarching goal of my lab’s research is to better understand the consequences of human-caused global changes. We address long-standing, yet highly relevant questions about the functional roles of species in ecosystems, the causes and impacts of loss and gain of genetic and species diversity (at the population, community and ecosystem level), the factors that influence species coexistence and patterns of species abundance, and the relative strength of bottom-up (resources) vs. top-down (consumers) controls in structuring communities

Field Season

The semester is over, which means the lab is gearing up for field season! We are starting new projects and performing spring measurements on our many existing experiments. This year, Sally Koerner will be starting the CHANGE experiment, and the entire lab is launching EDGE, a huge collaborative effort across grasslands in the U.S. We’re also returning to RaMPs – our rainfall manipulation plots – but this time, imposing an extreme drought. Here’s to a productive (pun possibly intended) field season!